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    JC's Quotes 1It's not the skill of the man its the will of the man .

    JC's Quotes 2Im not a bad guy Im just not a good one either

    JC's Quotes 3If you are boring then you shouldn't be a musician

    Welcome to the new website of Singer song writer JC Cannegieter . Be sure to pick up the new album  through digital download or buy the physical CD.  The first 10 thousand to buy the album  get a bonus track and free Number1hater ring tones as a bonus. If you purchase a digital download you get all the album artwork as well and you get it instantly without having to wait and have it shipped to you . If you  want a  hard copy of the CD you also get the digital download so that you hear the album while you wait for the CD to arrive . JC is currently shooting his  first music video for Thank god its over and  will have it  posted on this site shortly, Be sure to follow Number1hater on twitter ,myspace or facebook to keep in touch and get all The latest news and info .

    Also please share the music with everyone you know  to make this project a success and feel free to  add or write Number1hater through any social networking site or just personally  through the email section. 

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