JC Cannegieter Born: October 25th
Location: San Diego, California
Height: 6 foot '
Talent: Guitar , Piano, Drums, produces, mixes,sings, and writes all his own music.
Favorite show: UFC, Seinfeld,Curb Your Enthusiasm , walking dead , Simpsons
Favorite Number: 13
Favorite Movie:  What dreams may come
Favorite Quote: It's not the skill of the man It's the will of the man


JC Cannegieter started making music at the age of 13 Making instrumentals and song writing . It wasn't till He was 18 that he started his solo career and singing. What inspired him to do something with his life was as a teenagerhe found out His real parents passed away when he was only 2 weeks old. His father shot his mother and shot himself while he was in the car. The bullet shots of his parents murder really damaged his hearing making him almost deaf and lead to speaking problems until he was about 9. He alwaysthought his adopted parents were his birth parent but at theage of 13he found out the truth and the news hit him really hard . JC had a realdifficult time growing up with family problems and alot of deaths offriends. This wasanother motivator for him to get into music and really made him wanna do something to better his life. JC's home life had got very terrible and destructive By now, the only thing that kept JC sane and progressing forward was the hope of doing big things in the music industry and the chance to be a positive influence to his listeners through his music. JC says music was an outlet for him, a way to express himself. He finally left all that negativity behind by getting his own place at the age of 17 to help him better pursue a music career. Considering all the problems he was having with his family and home life, He had learned to play the guitar and the piano at the age of 16. This took it to the next level and he started creating beats and lyrics for himself and other artists. It was during this time that JC learned to produce and mix songs and started singing at 17. He then started releasing demos and writing a lot more music. Less then a year later, all of his hard work had paid off which had landed him offers by major record companies.


The only problem was that JC felt that the music industry was too manufactured because most artist don't even write their own material. Major record companies wouldn't let him write his own songs and wanted him to be a puppet on a string in the industry. So he decided to turn down all his offers to do his own thing. Regardless of how hard things werehe refused to sell out even when half million dollar record contract offers were on the table.

JC says "I sold things at the pawn shop just so I could eat and make it through another day when I could of easily just took the money and fame but.. You cant pay me enough to change who I am " Although Most people thought JC was foolish to turn down what many would call a once in a life time opportunity with the major labels, He believed what he was doing was right . He is currently working on his 2nd CD, which is expected to be complete in 2014 after his first album had rave reviews . Recently JC was featured on the may issue of blender magazineWhere they called JC the biggest unsigned artist and praised his morals for not selling out. Shortly after getting an article in Beat magazine a popular European magazine to become internationally known . His song Hollywood got so huge it made it as back ground music in several mtv and vh1 tv shows.  Due To his website getting over 4 million hits a month And Multiple popular radio stations playing his song Thanks god it's overThe future of This unsigned artist looks very promising.